We provide advice on a wide spectrum of legal issues that cater for both local and international clients in corporate and commercial legal services, including but not limited to:

Practice Areas

BETA Law (1)


Our Services

Banking and Finance

We focus on the contractual relationship between lenders and borrowers In all financial sectors..

Intellectual Property

We provide the extensive intellectual property services including Trademark, copyright and design.

Telecommunication Law

We provide detailed advice on telecommunications sector.

Company Secretarial

We provide the directors of your company collectively and individually with guidance as to their duties, responsibilities and power.

Mining,Oil and Gas

We provide services on negotiating concessions, mining venture financing, options agreements.


Tax Law

We work closely with specialist tax advisors to provide detailed legal / tax advice on the structuring of all our transactions.




Insurance law

We provide to clients in connection with insurance coverage disputes and other insurance related matters.


Labour & Employment Law

We advise clients through workplace-related legislation and are intimately involved in the relationship between employers and employees.


Public Private Partnership (PPP)

We have considerable experience in public Private partnership Client matters. Preparing matters for your future .